Speeding up Orthodontic treatment with AcceleDent

At Owl Orthodontics, we embrace new technology. Our goal is to continually improve the orthodontic experience for our patients. In fact, many people – including adults and brides to be – are looking for faster ways to straighten their teeth. Owl Orthodontics is pleased to offer a product called AcceleDent which can be used with Invisalign and traditional orthodontics to accelerate treatment.

What is AcceleDent?
AcceleDent is a mouthpiece which is fitted around existing orthodontics and attached to an electronic device that the patient wears for just 20 minutes a day. AcceleDent is proven to significantly reduce treatment time. The device sends vibrations through the mouthpiece to the teeth and gums. These vibrations are not painful and feel something like an electronic toothbrush. This simple procedure accelerates tooth movement by enhancing the process of remodeling the bone, allowing teeth to move up to 50% faster.

Speed up orthodontic treatment – the latest technology now in our office. Ask us when you are in our office for your complimentary consultation.

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